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With Smarchy, we are currently developing an innovative, cloud-based Enterprise Architecture tool that facilitates automatic documentation gathering. This allows companies to focus more on preparing the organisation for the future instead of wasting time trying to keep EA models up to date.

Use Cases

Capture & Maintain your Enterprise Architecture Effortlessly

Enterprise Architecture Model

Tired of investing immense amounts on understanding how the organization operates, only to throw these models away the next year? Smarchy can help you capture this information in no time. 

Make Enterprise Architecture Truely Hands-On

Hands-on Enterprise Architecture

Do you feel there is a disconnect between the Architecture team and Operations? Is it difficult to demonstrate the added value of your Enterprise Architecture practice? Contact us and learn how Smarchy can help you make Architecture more hands-on.

Keep up with your ever-changing Application Landscape

Application Landscape

Companies are changing faster than ever nowadays. Keeping your documentation up to date is no walk in the park anymore. Smarchy can help by detecting Shadow IT, warning you about Vendor lock-in and optimising your Application Landscape in general.

Improve the Maturity of your Enterprise Architecture Practice

Enterprise Architecture Maturity

Assassing how mature your Enterprise's Architecture practice is, can be a challenging task. With Smarchy, you can benchmark on different domains and get suggestions on where to improve. 

Overcome Digital Transformation Difficulties

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation failure rates are estimated between 60 and 80%. Most of these failures are due to the intrinsic complexity of such a project. Learn how a holistic model can help you analyse the impact on all domains involved.

Stimulate lasting Innovation within your Company


Smarchy can pick up market trends and suggest specific recommendations on where and how to innovate within your company. Contact us to learn how it is capable of providing you automatically with tailor-made suggestions.