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Automated Enterprise Architecture Dashboard


The Smart Enterprise Architecture Tool

The Smart Enterprise Architecture ToolThe Smart Enterprise Architecture ToolThe Smart Enterprise Architecture Tool

Smarchy keeps track of how companies really operate by automating model maintenance and supporting lasting collaborations.

About Us


Inspired by a common difficulty for companies to document and maintain Enterprise Architecture (EA) models, the concept for automating these tedious efforts was born. But why stop there? Wouldn’t it be neat if an Enterprise Modeling tool could not only automatically create a model of your organization, but also identify opportunities for improving this architecture of your enterprise?  With Smarchy we are currently in the prototype phase with a tool that does exactly that. The tool is built to be fully compatible with ArchiMate and TOGAF so it can integrate seamlessly with your current EA practice. 

Automated EA Documentation

Documenting the architecture of an enterprise is often a time-consuming and expensive exercise. More then ever, companies are continuously changing, which mainly means that by the time you constructed the model, it is very likely to be already outdated. We believe manual Enterprise Architecture modeling is no longer sufficient for modern enterprises and propose a new and innovative approach by automating this effort. Leave it up to Smarchy to automate (parts of) your Enterprise Architecture documentation. This way you can put more time and energy in making the right decisions for your organization, based on a correct and constantly updated model. 

Automated Opportunity Detection

The practice of Enterprise Architecture does not only include documenting your organization. This will rather be a starting point to identify how we can improve the current architecture to reach our business objectives. We believe this is also a domain where automation might step in. Applying benchmarking and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques on the model that was constructed, provides you with insights which are nearly impossible to obtain manually. By focusing on automating the construction and maintenance of documentation and providing opportunity detection, Smarchy differentiates itself from existing Enterprise Architecture tools on the market.

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